Thursday, January 09, 2014

2014: Master Kickstart!

Jom sambung Master!

Ni contoh emel, doakan berjaya.

Assalamu'alaikum wbt and Happy New Year to Associate Professor (A/P) Dr. Zabidah, and Salam Maulidur Rasul in advance.

I hope you're in good condition. I'm sorry for not keeping in touch with you after graduation one year ago. It was a quite hectic year whereas I started a new journey as a staff nurse at the same time preparing for my wedding ceremony in Perak (August) and Sarawak (December). Currently I stay with my wife at Tabuan Jaya.

I just completed my first year of service as a nurse in one of private hospital in Kuching namely Kuching Specialist Hospital (KPJ Healthcare). I was firstly posted into Operation Theatre Department (OT).

I am happy to hear that you have move one step further in your carrier. Well, its more than enough to make me inspired. Congratulation!

In brief, one year experience in one of the critical nursing field may not enough to justify whether OT environment suit my field of interest or not. But honestly I like to be in OT for several reasons; 1. Everyday is learning. There's too much skills and lesson to be learnt from specialist and senior staff nurses! Acquiring new knowledge while 'playing' with real organs really help me to understand body function and its problem. 2. Teamwork that apply in OT is awesome. I have learnt on how to mix well with people with different background, attitude and behaviour.

Bunch of thanks to lecturers and clinical instructors who have taught us the correct way interacting with other personnels. Well, real nursing environment is extremely different with clinical practicum experience supervised by our beloved clinical instructors.

2014, second year of my carrier, I want to move ahead and endure with more challenging field. I am preparing myself to start another chapter of academic level, pursuing Master Programme (before another step; tutor and lecturer). But I need some advice from experienced lecturers and individual.

It is not a regret for me to wait and polish myself with various clinical skills and knowledge as well as carrier achievements if its the requirement to be part of your team.

Having said that, I hope to receive your feedback, suggestions and ideas. It maybe through this thread mail, appointment in your office, or by paying visit to your house.

Congratulation again and thank you Prof.

May Allah return your kindness.

Mohammed Rasheedan b Ellin
Staff Registered Nurse

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