Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jaulah with my nephews

Assalamu'alaikum wbt.

I have left the world of internet from the last day of my Semester 1 Final Examination. I was on semester leave. Nothing much to say about it but, it might be the most memorable holiday I had with my family.

My sister at Klang, Selangor, went back home after a few years did not feel the breeze of
Sarawak. I miss her children very much, my chubby nephews especially.

I took one whole day to bring four of them, Zulhilmi (7th), Zulkhairi (10th), Syafiq (13th), and Shahrul (14th) visiting places of interest around Catcity. Fuh! As an uncle, I have to spend out some ringgit to fulfill their needs.

Being knowledegable always save ringgit. There's a lot of free roaming interesting area within Kuching that I can introduce to them. Just roll down to know where did I brought them.

Pustaka Negeri. Let me introduce them 1st, from left Zulkhairi, Shahrul, Syafiq, and Zulhilmi. I forced them went out from the car only to capture this photo along the roadside.

Second destination, Planeterium Sultan Iskandar. I want to let them in to watch "Fulldome", but we have miss the showtime. I took them again on the next 2 days, and they amazed after "The Rocket Cardboard" 'launched' above their head.

Not to miss out this Graceful Place, Masjid Negeri Sarawak. I took them here for Zuhur though one of them using short pant, but it was not an option for him, he also need to pray as an early practice.

Spiritual needs is fulfilled, when we can eat eat and eat? Hoho. Your uncle is under RM problem, we eat once we arrived home. :)

Of course one of the attraction in Sarawak is its Malaysian University of Sarawak. I drove and smile when I notice they can't take their eyes lookout from the windows. Ok. I'll stop for a while and took pictures. Hooray..

Ya ya... Nice to see only, if you break something I'll bring the receipt to your mother. The Spring Shopping Complex.

That's all. Wallahu'alam.


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