Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Professional Mu'min Wannabe

28 December 2009 is the first day in semester four. Almost half of the journey to have Bachelor in Nursing.

Assalamu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh.

Melorita, an agency for those who want to be employed at Middle East, both Government and
Company Institution. Varies from engineer to nurse job.

I have reach the first-half of my bachelor. The path of future is getting clearer, but then it befuddle me for which path I should opt. Maybe it seems to early for a one-and-half-semester student to decide on which route should be preferred. But for me, it will be a helpful catchword in one's page of life.

What option do I have?

Plan A

Sooner after graduated, work for government/private hospital as Staff Nurse U29 with starting salary RM2500. After 3 years experiences, can submit application to work in Middle East. Interestingly, of course the wages. Start from RM10, 000 and plus other luxury benefits. However, the problem is the government refuse to take a degree nurse to serve in. This is because they already have the existing diploma nurses U29, which they prefer. Furthermore, U41 designation, the position reserved for degree holders is very limited. Whereas if, we need to compete with the experienced nurses such as the Sisters.

A nurse is not my childhood ambition. It was an Architect. Somehow, I will used the science of "architecture" in art of nursing profession. How leh?

Plan B

Immediately after graduation, I will ask to serve as tutor in UNIMAS. The salary is not much difference with the U29. Within 2 years, I have to find a place to further study to master level. but my real interest is to become a clinical nurse specialist U41, not a lecturer. But then, if it's destiny, lecturers also ok what?!. hey no! A CNS U41! With the master degree, it means a shorter way to phD level. Va va va. Doctorate in Nursing? Insha-Allah.

Ayyuhal ikhwah, strenghthen yourself to be a professional mukmin and muslih.

"Anything-can-happen" Plan

If Allah will, I want to go through one by one. Starting from Staff Nurse U29, Clinical Specialist Nurse U41, UNIMAS Tutor, Arabian Millionaire Nurse, Master Lecturer and any post in nursing I willing to experience.

Rufaidah al-Aslami, the first nurse in human civilisation. This one is not Rufaidah, but someone else la.. West claim that Florence Nightingle was the pioneer. They did they same thing to Ibnu Sina and Hippocrates.

I love my study, my works, and my designation only for Allah. For Ad-Diinul Islam. Insha-Allah.

Erm... Prokiyai have retype his name as Rashid al-Shirfani, al-Shirfani = honor. Shirfani also bring up my village name, Serpan.

Allah the Greatest!

Rashid al-Shirfani
7:14 am 27 Dec 09

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